Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique
Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is a simple and powerful therapeutic tool that uses word to tune into an emotional disturbance that is then balanced and cleared away using simple acupressure tapping. The results are fast and generally lasting. Strong emotions such as fear, anger, guilt, shame and sadness dissolve into clear thinking allowing the person to see other perspectives and change feelings and behaviour.

EFT is a simple yet powerful technique that Karen uses to empower the client for self-help to continue working after sessions for as long as the individual chooses to use the tool.
The technique was derived from Thought Field Therapy and is simple to learn and suitable for all

What can EFT be used for?

  • Fears  & Anxieties
  • Phobias
  • Obsessions, compulsions, bad habits
  • Performance Blocks
  • Lack of Self Esteem
  • Traumas and disturbing memories
  • Psych-somatic symptoms

Karen can work with individuals to learn to use the technique for themselves or small group work of not more than four people by request. The sessions are usually half sessions for the individual initially which is usually sufficient for the person to have a lasting experience of how they can work with EFT for themselves, any further sessions are usually one and a half hours long after this if required. The small group workshop is usually one day that provides a good knowledge and experience of working with EFT at home for self-development. Telephone sessions are also available as part of the EFT service that Karen provides giving easy access to the benefits of the therapy.